Vikal Kapoor
Chief Executive Officer
Dapps Inc.

Vikal Kapoor of New York, NY is a dynamic global executive with a keen sense of the macro-forces and technologies that drive shareholder value, per his tenure in sales, strategy and operations working at Bloomberg LP, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan.
Under Vikal’s leadership, Dapps is rapidly maturing from idea to trusted Blockchain partner for Salesforce Executives and Global 2000 executives in the US, Europe and Asia. Dapps is continuously invited to join international blockchain initiatives, such as Salesforce 2018 World Tour in Paris, New York and Tokyo; JapanETRO and Salesforce LegoCity 2018 to be powered by Dapps™.

Prior to founding Dapps, Vikal lead the growth and sale of EquityNet, a US-based fin-tech to Capital Foundry Investment Bank. Previously, Vikal was the CEO of Swiss PE-backed Adminex and Gild International. He is also an entrepreneur and angel investor in Kviar, ArloSkye and Saladworks. Vikal completed his MBA from ESADE Business School, graduated with dual bachelors in Information Systems and Finance from the University of Maryland and the prestigious Stuyvesant High School. He is deeply passionate about the human experience and the confluence of factors, like the gaian principles that move us towards the betterment of humanity.