The new TEX layout is designed for executive engagement at every turn.    

In the green room as pictured below, the tables are set for one-on-one and small group discussions.  All pre-scheduled meetings will take place in this room, and at the designated tables.  For sponsors with branded tables, all pre-planned and impromptu meetings will take place at the one designated table, avoiding table changing from meeting to meeting.

Also in the green room and starting at 1PM, TEX will introduce a new, interactive format for lunch.  It will include 3 scripted questions that the lunch table moderator will discuss with the 5 or 6 attending C-levels at his/her table. The noteworthy talking points will be shared during the Closing Remarks at 4:30PM.

In the blue room, 100 seats will be available for the TEX CEO Roundtables, where we will whiteboard 3-5 action items, as the next steps forward as an industry on the most relevant topics, selected by and from our CEO Exchange.

Chatham House Rules will prevail for our CEO Roundtables, so all speakers are welcome to brainstorm freely, with no direct quotes allowed.