Manifesto Subcommittees

To further drive our CEO Roundtables’ action items forward throughout the calendar year, TEX has three year-round Subcommittees: AI & Network Safeguards; Cloud & Content Partnerships; and 5G, IoT & Smart Cities.

Each Subcommittee is tasked with considering the Roundtable action items, creating manageable timelines to move the needle, and submitting thought leadership documents, surveys, infographics and/or video to promote to the community and further drive awareness and action. When appropriate, subcommittee members will present their work and next steps at upcoming Telecom Exchange events and virtually through the TEX Portal.

JSA will promote the resulting thought leadership pieces to the industry though its blogs, social boards, emails and more, to further drive participation, awareness and community collaboration.

Any TEX Portal member is welcome to join one of the three Subcommittees.

AI & Network Safeguards Subcommittee

Members:  Michael Levy, Rackspace; Aaron Hackney, Rackspace; Jonathan Martone, Cyxtera

Humans vs. Machines: AI, Skynet & Network Safeguards

  • Identifying Actual Threats in Deploying AI & Machines in our Networks
  • Determining Code of Ethics
  • Defining Aspects of the Self-Driving Network
  • Change Management – Education, Training
  • Defining the Digital Skills of the Future: AI and automation
  • Collaboration and Communication

Cloud & Content Partnerships Subcommittee


The Content & Cloud Perspective: What We Need from our Infrastructure Partners Now

  • Defining Current Demand, Pricing, Availability and Security Needs for End-Users
  • Understanding Pain Points, Including Hurdles of Documentation, Network Expertise etc.
  • Prioritizing Security
  • Developing Workforce & Talent Pool

5G, IoT & Smart Cities Subcommittee

Members: Amy Marks, XSite Modular; Cris Kimbrough, CBRE; Brian Barnell, Q Advisors; Erick Contag, Globenet

Pushing 5G and IoT to the Edge: A New Era of Connectivity and Latency

  • Clear Definitions of Terminology, Including  “Edge” and “Connectivity”
  • Articulate Use Cases/List the Opportunities
  • Workforce Development
  • Standards for Smart & Safe Cities
  • Consumer Data Protection Laws