Rajiv Goel

Sr. Director, Principal DC & SP Product Management - Extreme Networks

Rajiv Goel is seasoned and creative product management leader with 19 years of experience in building highly innovative products and the teams that build them. With expertise spanning across hardware, software, automation, analytics and security he has led the creation of solutions and programs that help Enterprises and Cloud Service Providers modernize their Data Center, DCI, IP Storage, and Internet Exchange networks and connected ecosystem to gain competitive advantage and reduce costs for their business.

He has been a featured speaker in NANOG, MPLS World Congress and other industry events worldwide. He started his career with a focus on traditional telco service providers and progressively transitioned to cloud exchanges, cloud service providers and enterprise data center technologies with the evolution to the Cloud. Leveraging his wide domain expertise, he spearheaded development of ultra-high performance 25G/100G/400G, SDN, Cloud Peering, Automation and Analytics solutions as the industry grew. His extensive work with public sector at both the federal and local level and with technology partners, have provided him the opportunity to deliver secure solutions that can span diverse connected ecosystem beyond networking.

Besides developing technology products and solutions, Rajiv is very active with large worldwide network operators constantly exploring and developing new innovative ideas. He has been on board of startup companies as technology advisor. He earned his MS in Computer Networking from the University of Southern California.

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