Release your company news to the Telecom Exchange community.  We encourage the industry to utilize TEX as an opportunity to showcase your brand and promote news.

telecom-exchange-media-hubTelecom-Exchange-0067 copyWe have a few options on how we can help the industry hear about you:

  • Press Release included in media kit and at registration table – $250
  • Email to our list of 24K+ industry tech and telecom professionals – $800
  • Schedule a JSA TV to be filmed on-site at TEX with Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, CEO & Founder of JSA (included in post-event email featuring all coverage from the floor) – $800
  • Film JSA TV interview in advance to be featured and promoted in event app  – $1,000
  • Option to add JSA TV interview to JSA Radio on iHeartRadio – $200
  • Bundled Cost for Complete Package (with a 1/4 banner ad in event app) – $1,200

Our team is ready to help take your brand to the “TEX” level.