Game On: Plan Your TEX Meetings Before You Arrive

oneononeIt is our philosophy that events should foster real business opportunity and interaction. It’s time to get business done wisely and without the red tape.

Telecom Exchange has always stood for cutting-edge networking. As the first event planners to introduce one-on-one meeting management into an industry networking event, dating back to the early 2000’s, and then to lease our meeting management platform to other industry events over the years, our focus has always been on driving real value from event spend through meaningful attendee engagement.

So, it’s time for JSA to once again raise the event bar…

Telecom Exchange is now more selective than ever to ensure the highest level of collaboration, direction and agenda-setting. C-levels will gather to determine the necessary next steps to ensure that our networks are smarter and safer, and to make our collaborations and partnerships easier. It’s a day not for talk, but for determining our next united action. For this, we created the easiest way to make the most out of your time, with the right executive engagement. Introducing our new, intelligent Meeting Manager.

TEX Meeting Manager is seamlessly tied into our Telecom Exchange App which will be available via The App Store and Google Play, which will launch 4-6 weeks before the event.

The Meeting Manager, an online meeting system, seamlessly integrated into the TEX app, that lists all attendees’ titles, company names, services, and available colo sites, where applicable. With an easy-to-use interface, participants can click to invite fellow decision makers to one-on-one meetings that will take place on-site at TEX. Additionally, based on participants’ profile settings, C-levels with common interests will be recommended to one another. After the meeting invitations are sent and confirmed, all participants’ calendars will be updated, and a meeting table will be assigned.

Note: If you have a branded meeting table, all meetings planned through the Meeting Manager will take place at your dedicated table.  Otherwise, the Meeting Manager will assign you the next available table at that given time slot. There are only a limited number of branded and unbranded tables available for each time slot, so please be sure to secure your branded table, if desired, and to login as early as possible, to ensure optimal planning opportunity.

Meetings are set for 15-minute intervals; if you wish a longer time slot, book several, consecutive 15-minute blocks. You may also request to add multiple people to a meeting.

Please note: Only registered guests of Telecom Exchange are able to access the Meeting Manager. If you are not yet registered, please click here.