Introducing a new, interactive format for lunch

‘Let’s do lunch’ while peering into the future! Our lunch moderator will inspire us with our colleagues’ prophecies written 10 years ago, while we try to capture our own industry predictions for 2023.

During the lunch break from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM, TEX participants will be seated at tables of 6 with a table moderator. Three questions will be posed throughout the lunch, for open discussion and brainstorming. Key points from our lunch table discussions will be shared at the conclusion of lunch.

The top forecasts per lunch table will be selected by our table moderators, shared to the room and then saved in our time capsule, to be re-discovered at Telecom Exchange in five-years’ time.

The Goal: to truly engage with other top thought leaders in our industry during a fun, interactive lunch, by sharing laughs, ideas and insights with your new-found connections.