The Future Of Data Centers Has Arrived

DC BLOX delivers guaranteed business continuity to organizations by empowering them with enterprise-level computing power connected through a high performance optical matrix with synchronous data replication. With locations in Atlanta, GA and Chattanooga, TN, we are designing, building and will operate a network of innovative data centers to bring best-in-class cloud computing to the Southeastern United States.

At DC BLOX, we are innovating with flexible consumption models that give customer real choices. No more one-size-fits-all, fixed price, long-term lock-in fees with punitive overage charges. We create flexible programs that allow them to tailor their programs to fit the way they do business.

·Efficient infrastructure: Our proprietary modular enclosure allows rack cabinets to support power densities as high as 30kW per rack—and it still operates almost 85% more efficiently than the standard raised-floor data center. ·Lightning fast network: We installed a carrier-grade private network that supports 100Gbps bandwidth, scalable to 17.6Tb/second with 99.999% reliability. (That’s two more “9’s” than even the leading providers!) ·Located where you need it! DC BLOX brings hyperscale efficiency, carrier-grade connectivity and cloud flexibility to an agile, multi-tenant data center footprint. Edge BLOX data centers are carefully stationed and purpose-built to deliver continuity solutions, cloud ecosystem access, data ingestion and content distribution at the edge.