Compliance Solutions


Compliance Solutions, Inc. and Lammert & Davis, CPA, P.A. were established to provide a comprehensive solution for all of your compliance, accounting, and tax needs. We recognize that each client has unique goals and/or needs for their business, so we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and approach each client relationship as if we were business partners in your business. In order to provide such specialized assistance, we take the time to develop an understanding of your business and work with you on a one-on-one basis to help streamline your processes and/or address your compliance, accounting, and tax needs. With our hands on-approach to client service and our experience in the accounting and business field, we strive to be your one service provider that serves you, the client, in a professional and responsive manner and provides the quality solutions you need to drive your business toward more effective and efficient operations and compliance. Additionally, we are committed to maintaining technical and industry expertise through continuing professional education, training and the sharing of knowledge.

Our mission is to be an industry leader by providing client-centered compliance, accounting, tax, and business advisory services that exceed client expectations and industry standards. We will strive to serve our valued clients as trusted advisors, helping them to achieve their financial potential and meet their needs for the solutions we provide. We will accomplish this mission by utilizing a team approach to client service, retaining exceptional talent and offering a depth and breadth of resources to our clients. We do not strive to be the largest firm in the industries we serve, but we do focus on providing customer service that is second to none.

To see a listing of our services, please take a moment and refer to our services page or the links on the left side of this page that will provide you detailed explanations of the services we provide. However, we would also enjoy the opportunity to speak with you personally to design solutions that address your specific needs. Our contact information is located on the Contact Us link. The individual biographies listed on our Profiles page exhibits the experience, professional credentials and technical expertise provided by each of our partners and associates in further detail.