Agenda – May 14, 2019

The Telecom Exchange Opening Reception is an evening of casual networking. All registered TEX attendees are welcome to attend.

Agenda – May 15, 2019

All guests must register and receive their badges before entering.

Jaymie Scotto Cutaia, CEO & Founder of Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA), welcomes guests and invites them to network at TEX NYC.

According to a recent paper published by Forbes, 7% of local governments say IoT saves them money, but 86% say they have already experienced an IoT-related security breach. This reality will only become more prevalent as additional IoT and 5G-based services are developed and adopted and as the smart city gets smarter. This roundtable will explore 3-5 action items and requirements moving forward, to enable safer, smarter communities of tomorrow.  

According to the International Monetary Fund, the five largest tech companies — Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet and Apple — are collectively worth more than the entire economy of the United Kingdom. The rate at which these organizations are building hyperscale data centers and investing in new transoceanic subsea cable systems indicates their meteoric growth will only continue into the foreseeable future, requiring more and more capacity. In a world driven by content, how can data center, terrestrial and subsea infrastructure providers partner with these large tech companies to keep pace with the ever-growing end-user demand for content and cloud services? Our panel will identify the top 3-5 ways these partners can collaborate in the next 12 months, considering the current and future outlook of capacity demand, as well as the benefits, opportunities and inevitable challenges ahead.

Starting at 1:00 PM, TEX will introduce an interactive format for lunch. The top forecasts per lunch table will be selected by our table moderators, shared to the room and then saved in our time capsule, to be re-discovered at Telecom Exchange in five-years’ time.

According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, “The rise of AI-enabled cyberattacks is expected to cause an explosion of network penetrations, personal data thefts, and an epidemic-level spread of intelligent computer viruses.” Is our best hope to defend against AI-enabled network breaches truly AI?  How and when does human intelligence manage network control? Are there safeguards we need to implement today for a more secure tomorrow? This panel will identify the top 3-5 ways we as thought leaders in the tech and telecom ecosystem can potentially safeguard our networks.

Ensuring our collective network infrastructure is secure and fast has always been challenging, but today, when milliseconds equate to potentially billions of dollars, and in a climate where trading floors and national and global economies are constantly targeted by cyber attackers, how can we work together to provide a game plan for tomorrow’s financial systems?  Hear from financial organizations and telecom infrastructure leaders alike, as we discuss conditions, predictions and 3-5 steps forward.

Jaymie Scotto Cutaia will conclude Telecom Exchange with closing remarks, as well as share noteworthy talking points from the day and collective next steps.

All attendees are welcomed to join us for drinks, music, casual networking and a relaxed game of pool to celebrate the end of a successful day of networking at Telecom Exchange in LULU’s Lounge.