Below are the top 3-5 action items we discussed during our CEO Roundtable at TEX Dallas on March 13.

Topic: Pushing 5G to the Edge: The New World of Interconnectivity

Description:The next era of 5G connectivity and immersive, always-connected experiences has begun. Operators are investing big dollars into densifying their networks with 5G technology and moving intelligence out to the edge.  This move will empower carriers, enterprises and consumers alike to leverage a whole new set of connected, IoT applications and AI, and therefore will usher in the new age of interconnectivity, efficiency and performance. This panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges of ‘5G to the Edge’, and the 3-5 action items we need to consider, as a telecom and technology ecosystem, to ensure we are ready for this brave new world.

Action Items We Commit to Achieving in the Next 12 Months:

  • Affordability and pricing models based on frequency reallocation – MBIoT
  • Build more fiber
  • Cheap pipes and security 
  • Develop and agree on security standards and the right feedback loop 
  • Following established procedures + new talent and training 
  • Understanding and designing for “lights out” scenario
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