According to a May 30, 2018 post by Alan Mauldin of Telegeography, content providers such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft, account for over a half of total bandwidth demand in the Atlantic and Pacific this past year. And we can safely assume this trend will only increase dramatically with the continual need for high-quality services expanding on a mass, global scale. As such, the partnerships that enable these connections are more critical now than ever before.  In a world driven by content, what can infrastructure partners provide their content and cloud clients to keep up with the ever-growing demand? Additionally, what is the status of OTT’s investments in subsea cables? How are the global subsea resurgence is driving the natural progression of datacenters, terrestrial fiber and subsea fiber? As a result, are new subsea companies, partnerships and business models emerging? Our panel will define the top 3-5 ways to productively partner together in the next 12 months, considering the current and future outlook of capacity as well as the benefits, future opportunities and challenges associated.

  • Visioning session with subsea players
  • Pain points/hurdles of documentation
  • Security matters
  • Workforce development and talent pool
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