Below are the top 3-5 action items we discussed during our CEO Roundtable at TEX NYC June 20.

Topic: Next Generation Wireless: 5G, DAS, Small Cells & the Necessary Infrastructure

Description: As the demand for immediate information and constant communication continue to grow, so does the demand for better, faster wireless service. According to a 2017 market research report by GSMA, 5G is forecasted to be the lead network technology in the US by 2025, projecting 190 million connections, about half of the total mobile connections. Additionally, 70% of mobile data traffic occurs inside buildings, increasing the demand for DAS, small cells, macrosites and more. This roundtable will dig deeper into the wireless and wired ecosystem to uncover the future of mobile connectivity, outlining the obstacles and discussing solutions for a better, next generation of wireless.

Committee Co-Chair: Cris Kimbrough – SVP, Building Technology Consultancy – CBRE

Committee Co-Chair: Amy Marks – CEO & Co-Founder – XSite Modular

Action Items We Commit to Achieving in the Next 12 Months:

  • Partnership with other industries
  • Simplification of productification
  • Innovate on business models – motivate monetization
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