According to the International Monetary Fund, the five largest tech companies — Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet and Apple — are collectively worth more than the entire economy of the United Kingdom. The rate at which these organizations are building hyperscale data centers and investing in new transoceanic subsea cable systems indicates their meteoric growth will only continue into the foreseeable future, requiring more and more capacity. In a world driven by content, how can data center, terrestrial and subsea infrastructure providers partner with these large tech companies to keep pace with the ever-growing end-user demand for content and cloud services?

  • Sell Within Your Means
  • Be Transparent & Honest
  • It’s OK to Say “No” or Propose Alternatives, So You Have a Solution Next Time
  • Understand Each Other’s Problems
    • Truly Listen, No Sell
    • Be Prepared for Inconsistencies
  • Figure Out How You Can Fulfill Next Time
  • Stick to the Fundamentals
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