Below are the top 3-5 action items we discussed during our CEO Roundtable at TEX NYC June 20.

Topic: Humans Vs. Machines: AI, Skynet & Network Safeguards

Description: Tech innovators like Elon Musk and Bill Gates have donated significant time and money to explain AI as a threat and to figure out new ways to advance technology without turning over all the keys to the machines. With AI/Deep Learning’s ability to grow exponentially, and hypothetically improve upon itself, at what point will intelligence surpass its creators and become unrestricted development and/or control? This Roundtable will explore the growth of AI and suggest our industry’s next steps, including the top 3-5 ways to safeguard our networks and infrastructure collectively.

Committee Chair: Michael Levy – Director of Product – Rackspace

Action Items We Commit to Achieving in the Next 12 Months:

  • Define the digital skills of the future: AI and automation
  • Code of Ethics
  • Define aspects of the self-driving network
  • Change management – education, training
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