JSA is proud to host and promote the Virtual CEO Roundtables. These Virtual CEO Roundtables are held in-between TEX events to keep our audience engaged,idea-sharing high, and promoted throughout the year.

CEO Exchange Members: please let us know what next topics we should be discussing and whom you’d like to hear speak.

Here’s our upcoming calendar; please email [email protected] if you would like to participate.

CEO Predictions for 2019 Technology & Its Impact on the Ecosystem

January 2019

The growth of the tech and telecom industry continues to drive forward at an exponential rate. The demand for a better, brighter, safer future is always on the horizon and as members of this ecosystem, we are continuing to come up with innovative solutions that will take us into a better tomorrow. As we reflect on 2018, we have to ask: What are the technology drivers for 2019? How will 2018 developments affect the progression of technology in the future? How is the increase in traffic going to affect our network, infrastructure, security and more? This JSA CEO Virtual Roundtable will explore these questions, as well as provide an analysis and predictions for the year ahead.

ROI in IoT: The Changing IoT Marketplace and the Path to Revenue for the Telecom Ecosystem

February 2019

As IoT constantly evolves, there are more contributing elements, such as: a never-ending onslaught of online devices and applications; security safeguards and potential breaches; and smart network access and automation.   With these additional elements also comes potential new business models for revenue growth for network providers, data center operators and the companies driving the applications and services over the top. So as we look out to the horizon of IoT,  what role does telecom infrastructure play in this IoT developmental framework to ensure revenue growth? This JSA Virtual CEO Roundtable will explore the multiple paths to these revenue possibilities while discussing the challenges, trends and solutions for securing ROI in IoT.

TransPacific Connectivity Challenges & Opportunities

March 2019

A shared (and largely untapped) opportunity exists between American technology companies and their Asian counterparts. As tech companies pursue new business opportunities across the Pacific, high-speed interconnection and datacenter access between the continents is critical. And while Asia-PAC has bolstered its bandwidth resources with the completion of the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) submarine cable, and the Southeast Asia-Japan Cable (SJC), there remains significant opportunities for growth. This roundtable will explore the burgeoning opportunities and challenges for TransPacific cable builders, datacenter operators, OTTs and more.