Telecom Ramblings

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Telecom Ramblings, founded on May 7, 2008, is a website dedicated to discussing trends and developments in the telecom industry.  Primary areas of focus include longhaul, metro, and submarine fiber networks, all varieties of data services, colocation and data centers, networking equipment and technologies, VoIP and unified communications, content delivery networks.

Somewhere after the telecom nuclear winter began in 2000, the passion seemed to dry up.  Telecom Ramblings exists to tell the stories of the sector – to give voice to the folks who invest in, build, and operate the communications infrastructure that so many take for granted even as they marvel at how cool their iPhones look.  Those stories may be of individuals, corporations, or public groups, but they are all a part of the journey we have all been on since the internet was founded.

We are an independent source of news, commentary and analysis, but not a disinterested one and thus do not pretend to be fully impartial.  We love this stuff.  That’s why we read about it and write about it and comment about it.

If you would like to contact Telecom Ramblings with suggestions, comments, or corrections, please email us at [email protected].