OpenCryptoTrust is a blockchain development platform that will launch creative new solutions into the telecommunications and enterprise IT markets. As the company reaches for its goal to become a global leader in architecture of telecom in the blockchain ecosystem, its objective will be to provide effective solutions to those who have challenges with costly connectivity and will give the entire telecommunications community (carriers, service providers, and customers) an option for secure peer-to-peer financial transactions without the use of any third party or financial institutions.

The OpenCryptoTrust hybrid blockchain platform is ready and is made to support the changing landscape of disruptive technology. OpenCryptoTrust, is ubiquitous, automated, and smart contract based, with real-time trusted transactions. Our core products, Blockchain as a Transport (BaaT) and Blockchain-Defined Wide Area Networks (BD-WAN), solve significant problems, create new opportunities, and enhance existing technologies for SMEs and large enterprises in cities across the country and around the world. A seamless and transparent connectivity in a convenient, cost effective, fast, and more secure way to all industries to simply support the transferring of data transmission from point-A-to-point-B which is the lifeline of today’s and tomorrow’s businesses.

There is no question what we’re doing is not only REVOLUTIONARY in the Telco sector, but also EVOLUTIONARY, and our vision is to be the first telecommunication provider in the blockchain ecosystem.