Dapps Inc.


Dapps Inc is the premier Enterprise Blockchain Company for Salesforce Customers to swiftly build next-generation operating models. The San Francisco-based ISV Partner, delivers enterprise-grade blockchain enabled solutions, tools and infrastructure that integrate Salesforce with blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, advanced data and analytics. Companies — from SMBs to Enterprises —leverage any one or all Blockchain-as-a-Service (Baas) licensed products or patent-pending middleware between Force.com and the blockchain to accelerate Dapp development on the Force platform. The DappServices™ team is leading and defining design thinking for global companies interested in developing and deploying their own proprietary next-generation operating lens into the end-to-end customer journey. DappSuite™ and DappSolutions™are available on the AppExchange and consulting services, DappServices™ are available by directly contacting your nearest Dapps office.

DappSolutions™ powered by Hyperledger Fabric allows users to rapidly design and develop solutions between Salesforce platform and the blockchain.

DappSuite™ is the SDK (software development kit) that allows companies to build and manage proprietary blockchain applications on Ethereum. The product is available on the AppExchange.

DappScape™ is a proprietary search-engine for permissioned blockchain networks.