See below for the TEX 2019 CEO Roundtable lineup. These roundtables are an opportunity for key CEOs to share their predictions for tech and telecom’s future and to participate in forward-thinking Q&A sessions moderated by industry analysts and journalists. More speakers and moderators are being added daily.

CEO Roundtable 1
Blockchain, Security and the New Network Infrastructure Realities 

10:00 AM – 11:10 AM

According to Ginni Rometty, the CEO of IBM, “What the Internet did for communications, blockchain will do for trusted transactions.” In fact, 69% of banks are currently experimenting with blockchain technology to make their services more secure, seamless and transparent. But if blockchain holds such promise and is truly impenetrable, what’s the delay in deployment? This roundtable will explore blockchain network developments and challenges, including the top 3-5 ways to effectively leverage the power of blockchain technology to provide more reliable networks globally.

CEO Roundtable 2
The Cutting Edge: AI and Edge Computing Empowering Smart Cities of Tomorrow

11:40 AM – 12:50 PM

According to a report by the International Organization for Migration, every week, three million people move to metropolitan areas, a major driver for smart city development worldwide. Driven by the need to enable more cloud applications with available latency and bandwidth, and by the demand for more local processing, edge computing is poised to enable billions of new IoT endpoints, and real-time, localized AI applications for the autonomous systems that will comprise smart cities. This panel will explore the technological challenges associated with smart city development, including issues surrounding privacy and security, and determine the top 3-5 methods of realizing this futuristic vision of an always connected metropolis.

Gerry Christensen
Gerry Christensen
Founder & CEO
Mind Commerce
Click Here for Bio

CEO Roundtable 3
Hollywood Everywhere; Streaming Content Network Demands & Opportunities 

2:00 PM – 3:10 PM

According to Cisco, streaming video is projected to account for 82 percent of Internet traffic by 2022. But streaming content isn’t just about binge-watching Netflix, Hulu or HBO Go; the diversity of applications includes corporate video conferencing and webcasting tools, live sports streaming, telehealth, and social media streaming apps for user-generated content. There’s no question that streaming content is a bandwidth guzzler. This panel will explore what the industry needs to do to ensure end-user quality of experience, including issues surrounding network uptime and performance, and determine the top 3-5 measures that can be employed to satisfy bandwidth demands and improve latency in the next year ahead.

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