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See below for the TEX 2018 CEO Roundtable lineup.  These roundtables are an opportunity for key CEOs to share their predictions for tech and telecom’s future and to participate in forward-thinking Q&A sessions moderated by industry analysts and journalists.

CEO Roundtable 1

Blockchain Technology & its Impact on Network Infrastructure

10:00 AM - 11:10 AM

Jaymie Scotto Cutaia

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA)


Vikal Kapoor

Chief Executive Officer

Dapps Inc


Mayande Walker

Chief Executive Officer



John Tolton

Chief Commercial Officer

The Sphere

Blockchain, often described as a distributed ledger, allows for public decentralized transactions without the need for third-party intervention. And since the interaction is public, blockchain technology offers a reliable, incorruptible infrastructure. Is this security value just limited to cryptocurrency or can it influence network designs? How can/does blockchain's reliable peer-to-peer communication model lend itself to more effective IoT ecosystems, software defined networking and even Blockchain-as-a-Transport (BaaT)? This roundtable will explore blockchain network developments, opportunities and what’s next, including the top 3-5 ways to efficiently leverage the power of blockchain technology to provide more reliable networks internationally.

CEO Roundtable 2

Get Ready For the Olympics LA: IoT, Smart Cities, & Infrastructure Predictions

11:40 AM – 12:50 PM

Rosemary Cochran

Principal & Co-Founder

Vertical Systems Group


Marc Gittleman

Chief Executive Officer

5x5 Telecom


Derek Peterson

Chief Technology Officer

Boingo Wireless


David Erickson

Founder & CEO, FreeConferenceCall.com

Founder & CEO, CarrierX


Peter Marx

Former Chief Technology Officer

The City of Los Angeles


The Year 2028 is not as far off as it may sound, particularly as Los Angeles readies its infrastructure to host the Olympics. Meanwhile, technology developments are in overdrive, with smart objects turning into smart homes and then into smart cities. How will LA and other tech-driven cities redefine the ‘connected’ opportunities of tomorrow? From global sporting events, to health care, security, mobility and even water management, our new tomorrow in urban and network planning is here today. This roundtable will discuss what's in store for next-gen technologies as well as infrastructure and the top 3-5 ways we as an industry can be better prepared.

CEO Roundtable 3

Pushing 5G to the Edge: A New Era of Connectivity and Reduced Latency

2:00 PM – 3:10 PM

Teri Francis

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Fulcrum Consulting


Luke Denmon

Senior Vice President - Technology Solutions

Colliers International


Rod Hanson

Vice President/General Manager

Crown Castle


Jonathan Martone

Director, Ecosystem Development and Engineering

Cyxtera Technologies


Corey Welp

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

fifteenfortyseven Critical Systems Realty


Abraham Nemitz

Director, Sales Engineering



Matt Montgomery

Managing Director, Wireless Business Group


The next era of 5G connectivity and immersive, always-connected experiences has begun. Reduced latency is a key feature of 5G networks, therefore operators are investing big dollars into densifying their networks and moving intelligence out to the edge.  This move will empower carriers, enterprises and consumers alike to leverage a whole new set of connected, IoT applications dependent on low latency, and therefore will usher in the new age of efficiency and performance. This panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges of ‘5G to the Edge’, and the 3-5 action items we need to consider, as a telecom and technology ecosystem, to ensure we are ready for this new era of connectivity and efficiency.

CEO Roundtable 4

The Content and Cloud Perspective: What We Need from Our Infrastructure Partners Now

3:40 PM - 4:50 PM

Brian Barnell

Managing Director

Q Advisors


Todd Coleman

President & Chief Executive Officer

eStruxture Data Centers


Vinay Nagpal



frank rey microsoft

Frank Rey

Director Global Network Strategy



Guy Rosefelt

Director, Threat Intelligence & Web Security



Amy Marks

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

XSite Modular

According to a May 30, 2018 post by Alan Mauldin of Telegeography, content providers such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft, account for over a half of total bandwidth demand in the Atlantic and Pacific this past year. And we can safely assume this trend will only increase dramatically with the continual need for high-quality services expanding on a mass, global scale. As such, the partnerships that enable these connections are more critical now than ever before.  In a world driven by content, what can infrastructure partners provide their content and cloud clients to keep up with the ever-growing demand? Additionally, what is the status of OTT’s investments in subsea cables? How are the global subsea resurgence is driving the natural progression of datacenters, terrestrial fiber and subsea fiber? As a result, are new subsea companies, partnerships and business models emerging? Our panel will define the top 3-5 ways to productively partner together in the next 12 months, considering the current and future outlook of capacity as well as the benefits, future opportunities and challenges associated.

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Members of the Press

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