Christopher Lange
President and CEO
Intenna Systems Inc.

Speaker: The New Requirements for Smart Cities: 5G, IoT & Network Security – TEX NYC CEO Roundtable

Christopher Lange founded Intenna Systems in 2003 as a subsidiary of US Wireless Technologies. After graduating Drexel University with a BS in Commerce and Engineering, Christopher‘s wireless career started with Skytel in 1992 where he quickly moved from Regional Sales Representative to the fast evolving Sales Engineering team. There he was tasked with addressing in building coverage born out of the necessity to implement reverse path terminals in the new 2-way paging network. In 1994, Christopher founded the first of five successful companies revolving around providing wireless service to enterprise customers. With the proliferation of new wireless carriers entering the US market, Christopher focused his entrepreneurial energies on providing distributed antenna systems (DAS) solutions to the wireless operators thereby founding US Wireless Technologies in 1998. Recognizing the enterprise demand for similar solutions, he founded Intenna Systems in 2003 to focus on the design and wireless applications integration for the enterprise. Today, US Wireless and Intenna Systems operate as one entity and have grown to be a respected DAS and Small Cell integrator in the marketplace.