Tricia Wurts

Founder and President - Wurts & Associates

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Tricia Wurts is Founder and President of Wurts & Associates Inc. (W&A), a 27-year- old technology channel consulting firm. W&A has provided sales channel and marketing consulting services to more than 100 clients including IBM, Dell/EMC, AT&T, Hitachi, Cisco, Xerox, HP, Symantec, Symbol/Motorola, Nokia, Novell, Fujitsu, Red Hat, Navisite and Allworx. The company has addressed telecom-related projects since 1993, and both MSP- and cloud-related projects since 2006.

In April 2011, Ms.Wurts was inducted into the IT Hall of Fame for her work with the development of A+ certification, which set the standard model for vendor-neutral technology certifications. She is a past 3-term CompTIA board member and vice president of marketing and business development for Tech Data Corporation, a $26 billion technology distributor.

Most recently, W&A has been addressing sales channel projects related to the merger of compute/data and communications /connectivity channels, channel opportunities in the IoT space and model development for leveraging social selling through indirect technology sales channels.

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