Leon Kuperman

Chief Technology Officer - ZENEDGE


Mr. Leon Kuperman serves as Chief Technology Officer at ZENEDGE Inc. Mr. Kuperman has been President of Bidz.com Inc. since November 10, 2008 and Chief Technology Officer since January 2007. He served as Vice President of Business Development of Bidz.com Inc. He was a Co-founder of Truition, Inc. (formerly known as edeal Services Corp.) and served as its Chief Technology Officer from 1998 to 2006. During his time at IBM Canada from 1993 to 1998, he built the technical strategy for Net.Commerce. His responsibilities ranged from low-level server design, database architecture, and client tool development to customer engagements. He provided product demonstrations, built prototypes, technical support, customer satisfaction and developing growing sales opportunities. His past experience include porting C++ compilers across platforms. Mr. Kuperman holds Degree in Computer Science from York University.

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