Elaine Stafford

Managing Partner - DRG Undersea Consulting


Managing Partner at DRG Undersea Consulting (DRG), has been involved in the development, planning, engineering and implementation of undersea cable system projects worldwide since the early 1980s.  Elaine currently advises clients across the globe during each stage of undersea cable project lifecycle,. She also provides a variety of business and market related support. She has developed numerous project feasibility studies and business plans, market studies, performed due-diligence on prospective investments/acquisitions, developed network partnership agreements, managed the procurement and construction of projects (large and small). Elaine is currently supporting clients who constructing undersea networks which together encircle the globe. Prior project advisory experience included PCCS, SEACOM, TEN, TW, and MedCable.

Prior to joining DRG, Elaine held executive positions within Tyco Telecom, AT&T Submarine Systems and AT&T Bell Laboratories. Her responsibilities spanned business development, sales, project management, network engineering, and R&D, where her organization was responsible for undersea network system engineering, system test, and terminal equipment development.  Ms. Stafford holds a BSEE from Union College and an MSEE from Stanford University.

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