Game On: Make Your TEX Meetings Now

oneononeIt is our philosophy that events should foster real business opportunity and interaction. This is why the balcony at Cipriani Wall Street is the dedicated area for over 350 one-on-one meetings.

The Meeting Manager is an online meeting system, that lists all attendees’ titles, company names, services, and available colo sites, where applicable. Click to invite an attendee to a one-on-one meeting that will be held during Telecom Exchange. This will generate an invitation to be sent on your behalf, and once confirmed, both meeting participants’ timetables will be updated.

There are only a limited number of tables available for each 15-minute meeting interval, so log in as soon as possible to ensure optimal business meeting planning. All meetings will be held at Telecom Exchange.

TEX Meeting Manager is seamlessly tied into our Telecom Exchange App which is now available via The App Store and Google Play.  Click here for the desktop version.

Having technical difficulties? Please email [email protected].

Please note: Only registered guests of Telecom Exchange are able to access the Meeting Manager.  If you are not yet registered, please click here.

Did You Know?  The meeting system also features a listing of all exhibitor’s network PoP’s. This collection of data is unique to Telecom Exchange, and indeed the industry, and a must-have for those looking to effectively cross- connect to new partners and customers.