Unlike other events, the focus is on creating a neutral networking space, where we strip away the marketing frills and get to the core of your business.

The 2017 TEX exhibit floor is arranged in alphabetical order by company name, each exhibitor receives the same size space and branding. All exhibitors receive a 3 ft wide table space and a 7 ft sign where your logo is clearly visible, provided by Telecom Exchange.

TEX NYC 2017 Floor - FINAL

Please view the latest list of Telecom Exchange exhibitors on the Exhibitor Directory. The list includes company name, a short description, contact details, and when applicable, the area’s PoP locations. To communicate with the list of exhibitors, please log into the Telecom Exchange Meeting Manager.

TEX Meeting Manager is seamlessly tied into our Telecom Exchange App which is now available via The App Store and Google Play.  Click here for the desktop version.

Having technical difficulties? Please email [email protected].

Please note: Only registered guests of Telecom Exchange are able to access the Meeting Manager.  If you are not yet registered, please click here.