Confidence & Connections: Keys to Women’s Leadership

13332929_1076305319082191_7256571931997386269_nThe confidence gap is a major barrier to women advancing in their careers. Women have been conditioned to be nice, not strong.  But women are more qualified than they think they are to be leaders. And, in many cases, simply lack the confidence and the network men do that get them noticed and short-listed for the best roles.

That’s why JSA has teamed with Women in the Channel to bring a unique program to Telecom Exchange LA focused on advancing women in telecom and IT careers. The 120-minute program (8 AM – 10 AM) will offer female attendees an opportunity to learn strategies for building their confidence and connections to position them for leadership.

This interactive session will include an inspirational keynote, brainstorming, group discussions, live polling, suggested actions and networking – all designed to promote self-reflection, dispel myths, showcase successful women and suggest next steps for a more fulfilling career in telecom and IT.


Hope you join us for breakfast from 8 AM to 10 AM.