Julian C. Palmer

Founder and Chief Technology Officer - Visualware, Inc.


Palmer is the co-founder of Visualware and is responsible for technical architecture of enterprise software and hardware product offerings. He is also heavily focused on customer relationships, especially for large corporate accounts.

Prior to Visualware, he was CTO at Datametrics, a Zitel subsidiary. He is a highly skilled technologist who has held many leadership roles in the high-tech industry, including founding Palmer and Webb Systems, an enterprise automated operations solutions provider which he directed for 15 years. Prior to P&W, he also founded Resource Management Systems Bahamas, which he later sold into the European market.

He was educated in the United Kingdom and his qualifications include 5GCE in English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Technical Engineering. He also received a Higher National Diploma in Physics, Technical Design and Drawing, and Mechanical Engineering.

Palmer’s innovative spirit and the strong desire to deliver internet-focused solutions that accurately assess online connections, to provide the ultimate user experience (UX) became the catalyst in forming Visualware.

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