Media Partner

Vator (short for innovator) is a professional network for entrepreneurs and investors.

Founded and run by veteran and award-winning journalist Bambi Francisco, Vator consists of (soon to be, one of the largest business networks dedicated to entrepreneurship, VatorNews, Vator’s news site focused on the business and trends of high-tech entrepreneurship and innovation. VatorNews has 500-plus contributors. Vator also has a technology platform called Vator Competitions, which is an online competition management system.

Vator has always been a catalyst for innovation. Since our launch in June 2007, we have been a professional network for ideas and businesses. People initially used Vator to pitch their ideas/businesses through video. Today, people use their company profiles to share their story to the entrepreneur community on Vator as well as the broad community across the vast Web.

Our goal has always been to help the best entrepreneurs succeed.